How to Date a Yoga Girl

The concept of yoga came to us from India. People think that this is some kind of fitness, but in reality, it is more difficult. Yoga is a complex of physical exercises for strengthening the body and a whole philosophy of thought for the soul. It is based on the belief that the secret of health, longevity and human success is hidden in the harmonious development of the physical and mental. When you meet a yoga girl on your way, be prepared for the fact that your world will undergo serious changes.

1. You will hear many new words. And you will be surprised when you find out that polba is edible cereal; Vitgrass is tincture of wheat sprouts; Prana is a vital force; Kundalini is one of the directions of yoga.

2. Don't be surprised if you receive an answer “because I feel so” for most of the domestic issues. Believe me, for her, this is the weightiest argument, which doesn’t require further explanation. Heart of yoga girls are not inclined to change but are prone to change.

3. You will look for a new table in a restaurant in order to “not to interfere the auras of neighbors”. You will get out of a bus because “bad energy has accumulated in it”; you will refuse to purchase a particular picture because “there is no soul in it”. Keep calm. Just relax and have fun.

4. But it will be quite easy to please her with pleasant trifles. A good book about yoga or a brand-new yoga mat has not left any yoga girl indifferent! Although, of course, diamonds, too, have not been canceled. Maybe all this is perishable but she is happy.

5. You will be a little amazed by what a human body can do. The balance on the hands or the headstand, which you saw earlier only in pictures, can now be seen in real life. Don’t forget to applaud, take pictures, and sincerely admire!

6. Your vacation will never be the same again. At best, during the trip, she will sometimes go to the nearest yoga studio for a couple of hours. At worst, you will go to a yoga tour with her 20 yoga girlfriends.

7. You will live with a sexy girl. Legs in tight leggings will become real.

8. Your appearance will not remain the same: useful food, care, massage, aroma-sticks as if accidentally appeared at your bedroom, healthy sleep, outdoor walks will make you slim and tall man (even if you were short and plump).

9. You have to accept that you don’t fill her entire universe. In her life, there will always be some vague part for you: morning “hours of silence”, evening practices, gong meditations, vegan friends and yoga seminars, an eternally spread yoga mat on the floor and an “esoteric literary” on the bedside table... Your choice: to accept it or understand, to support or keep silent, to join or not to interfere, to hold your hand in the path of spiritual search or simply to ride alongside in your chic car with leather interior...

10. Most likely, she will engage you in yoga too. This is the original way to spend time together that helps get to know each other better. In addition, this is the perfect beginning for any relationship, which will help avoid a lot of problems in communication in the future.