How Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Many of us know how useful yoga is. It increases energy, resistance to stress, and gives a normal sleep. Now it is argued that yoga can have a positive impact on intimate life. This is largely due to the fact that there is much in common between yoga and making love. Yoga is a union of mind, body, and breath. In lovemaking, we use our bodies, but most often we forget about mind or breathing. However, the achievement of a harmonious combination between the three components will not only give more pleasure but will also have a stronger connection.

Usually, the word “tantra” is added to the words “yoga + sex”, implying some mystical practices that turn the process into a miracle. In fact, everything is simpler, more natural and useful. You can do your favorite kind of yoga. The main thing is to do it regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. The practice gradually improves the quality of sex (and it’s not just about complex poses).

Asanas for the health of the reproductive system

The most simple and popular positions are those that affect the pelvic organs. It is not necessary to divide the asanas into “for sex” and the rest ones. Any practice of hatha yoga will be useful due to the fact that it improves the functioning of all body systems: blood circulation, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, etc. And the sexual sphere is improved automatically.

Yoga improves flexibility

If you are flexible, then you can afford more different experiments in bed. This is important enough as new positions and movements will stimulate other areas of the body and thereby increase pleasure. Many people believe that their intimate life stays in stagnation. But that’s because they always practice the same positions. Yoga will allow a person to be more flexible, leading to a greater variety of sensations.

Yoga promotes the acceptance of one’s body

Yoga helps improve the flexibility of the body and it also increases the flexibility of the mind. Yoga is determined by eight basic sutras, including acceptance and detachment. It helps us to step back from the image of the fact that our body must look in a certain way to be sexy and attractive. Yoga increases self-esteem both in bed and outside, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your body.

Yoga makes the pelvic muscles stronger

This allows intimate games to be more lengthy and intense. The study claims that regular yoga classes increase desire, excitement, and enjoyment in women aged 22 to 55 years. Yoga exercises affect the pelvic area, which leads to increased blood flow in it. It affects the excitement and pleasure of intimacy.

Yoga allows you to hold the moment

It often happens that an unnecessary, distracting, annoying, pleasure-consuming thought suddenly penetrates into the mind at the most crucial moment of an intimate pastime. The state of mind is very important for making love. Yoga allows you to concentrate on the current moment and what you are doing, on your pleasure and communication with your partner. It teaches us to be more open and understand that we don’t serve our bodies, but stay with them in a single stream.